This refreshing, natural bar soap has ground pumice for exfoliating feet, hands and anywhere you need a good scrub to help take off dead skin and keep skin feeling smooth. This makes a great buffer before shaving or sugaring legs, a nice alternative to a pumice stone or scraper which can trigger you skin to just regrow calluses in well worn areas if you are too rough.

Made with saponified organic oils and butters and vitamin E, it is a very moisturizing bar for hands and body. The beautiful blue grey colour in this soap comes from indigo root powder. Essential oils of peppermint, cedarwood and frankincense freshen your shower and your skin! This herbal bar can be used for calloused feet and hands, or instead of a sugar scrub in the shower, you can use this bar once or twice a week to polish off dead, rough skin.


Cold process is used for all soaps to create bases of pure oils. Made from locally sourced botanicals and Manitoba beeswax. No chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances are used in the soaps and all aromas derive from therapeutic quality essential oils, ground botanicals, spices, butters, and clays.

For longer lasting bars, use a slotted soap dish or one with holes so the bar can dry between uses.

TO NOTE: All bars are handmade and hand cut, so color and shape may vary from what is pictured. This bar weighs approx. 4oz minimum.

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