Elegance and simplicity in one handmade stacking ring from Devi Collective  

  • Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Fill
  • Made in Canada 


 Devi colective’s jewelry features recycled sterling silver. Recycled sterling silver is forged and created using silver from scrap sterling silver and old sterling silver jewelry. We use ethically cut gemstones for every piece. Every gemstone is hand-cut by a third-generation gemstone cutting family.


Our collective has been formed on the importance of people, community, and connection. We strive to create strong partnerships with creative women of all means, races, and backgrounds and unite them across the globe. Through high quality craftsmanship our products are created by sourcing recycled and refined silver and gold, and ethical gemstones. We are committed to making a positive difference on our planet through every human we interact with, every material we use, and our sustainable values that anchor the foundation of our brand and bring Devi Arts Collective to life!


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