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Milk & Honey Linen Pants

Sale price$154.00

 Artist Pants are made from a natural blend of linen and bamboo/wood viscose, and feature a drawstring front, elastic waist back panel, pockets, cropped length, and a flattering lantern hem design. The custom-woven fabric is easy to care for and so comfy.

About the print: When we unearthed a whimsical 1904 poster from Brooklyn, NY, advertising a musical number called “I Wonder Will You Always Call Me Honey”, we were so charmed! Using the nostalgic graphics, along with woodcut stars and flowers drawn by artist Theo Hoytema, we created our playful Milk & Honey print. With its sunwashed, antique parchment background, and faded black and honey details, it feels instantly vintage and utterly wearable 

one size-see size chart

Milk & Honey Boho Linen Bee Sunflower Cropped Artist Pants - Out of the Blue
Milk & Honey Linen Pants Sale price$154.00