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All that glitters ....

“Opening a small metal box, she added a pinch of blue salts to the syrup mixture and blew on the cauldron. A burst of smoke puffed up, sending a dusting of glitter particles spinning in the lights. He turned his head to follow the twinkling trail, and she slanted a sideways smile. "Magic."
"Predictable chemical reaction," he returned, examining the box of salts. "And once again in your company, I have glitter in my hair."
"And your stubble. Bit of technicolor glam to liven up the grays. You're welcome.”

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Metallic Blazer - Out of the BlueMetallic Blazer - Out of the Blue
Metallic Blazer Sale price$39.99 Regular price$89.00

2 colors available

SPARKLE TWIST RING - Out of the BlueSPARKLE TWIST RING - Out of the Blue
SPARKLE TWIST RING GF Sale price$24.00

1 color available

ROSE QRTZ NECKLACE GOLD - Out of the BlueTear Drop Necklace - Out of the Blue
Tear Drop Necklace Sale price$48.00
Rolling Wave Ring - Out of the BlueRolling Wave Ring - Out of the Blue
Rolling Wave Ring Sale price$24.00

1 color available

Satin Cowl Cami - Out of the BlueSatin Cowl Cami - Out of the Blue
Satin Cowl Cami Sale price$19.99 Regular price$42.00

3 colors available

Ruffle Blouse - Out of the BlueRuffle Blouse - Out of the Blue
Ruffle Blouse Sale price$49.99 Regular price$68.00

1 color available