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We Love Our Community

Here are a few great organizations we support:



Alpha House is a year-long program for women and their children leaving an abusive relationship.  They provide protective and affordable fully furnished housing; individual and group counselling for women and all age appropriate children; family counselling; support and advocacy; family activities; children's summer activity programming; follow-up counselling and support. 
Their mandate is not only to provide a safe place for families to live while transitioning away from violence, but to work closely with the families to break the cycle of violence. 


We are regular contributors to the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society. They work to provide resources and support for those living with Schizophrenia, as well as their friends and family.  They also strive to educate the public in order to reduce stigma and discrimination.


On Saturday, May 26 2018, we held our first-ever Spring Cleaning Sale in our studio space! $800 was donated to the Rainbow Resource Centre, who provides support to the LGBT2SQ+ community.



LITE helps to create jobs are for people who are struggling. With homelessness, an abusive relationship or an addiction. For many, it's simply a lack of luck and opportunity.  Building skills, a resume and a plan are all outcomes of jobs created by LITE.  With a hand up, people who have little or no job experience get ready to work their way into independence.


Runway for Change

(in support of Main Street Project)

The Runway to Change is a fashion show event to raise money and collect in-demand clothing for Winnipeg’s homeless population. Main Street Project will give scarves, hats, mittens, socks, and jackets to those who can’t supply themselves with these necessities. Everyone deserves to be warm in the winter, and experience compassion and a sense of community. 

Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day is an event that welcomes the women of Winnipeg’s North End to a celebration of sweetness, self-care, and sisterhood. Valentine’s Day can be a time to find joy in the love you share with another, or to celebrate your single status by indulging in self-care.
Yet for many of our community members, neither of these are an option. Imagine being reminded of happy couples while you’re trying to escape an abusive relationship. What if you could barely afford food, let alone to treat yourself to a fancy box of sweets when you’re feeling down? Every woman deserves to feel special, loved, and celebrated. Through the giving and receiving of indulgent, “just because” gifts, we hope to connect women across the city in the spirit of sweetness and love. Receiving of these small pleasures helps a person to feel cared for, and elevates their overall sense of self-worth.

Art City

Art City is a not-for-profit community art studio dedicated to providing people of all ages with innovative and professional art programming, free of charge. Art City’s primary goal is to provide space and tools for anyone who wishes to express themselves creatively.