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Why Flat Size Measure

For every garment that is sold as "one size "( like there really is one-sheesh ) or for vintage garments or garments we feel have size issues we use  a flat lay measuring system.

Please note this is a new feature and since we are doing the measuring we are starting with our most in demand "one size products. Every reasonable effort to be accurate and consistent has been made when measuring garments . However type of fabrics and varying companies may mean that 100% accuracy is not always possible. We will do our best though.

Please read the size charts carefully, and follow our measuring tips to help you find a good fit.



1- Most Important _ Measure a Similar garment that fits you well  BUT NOT WHILE YOU ARE WEARING IT.

WE MEASURE ALL GARMENTS LYING FLAT and list the MAXIMUM measurement. This may be slightly different than your measurements taken by measuring yourself with a tape. To find your measurements, the best thing you can do is to measure a garment that fits you well. If possible try and find a similar cut and fabric to the one you are looking at .

For example -if you are looking at a smock dress find a loose fitting dress in your closet and take the measurements . If its a knitted fitted dress ( as in a stretch knit,think polyester ,nylon  ) use that . A tailored shirt with no stretch and buttons get that so your size comparisons will be fairly accurate.

How To Measure

  1. Lay your garment flat on a table
  2. Take a measuring tape and carefully measure all the areas as indicated in the illustration below.
  3. We use inches (Never got the hang of metric -sorry canada )
  4. For easy reference take note of all your measurements and keep that for future products . ( I take a snapshot of it and store it on my phone )

So for example: Lay a dress that fits you well flat and measure the waist. If it measures 16 inches, then the waist measurement will appear in size chart as 16 inches ( your body measurement at the waist will be 32 inches -16 x 2=32 inches.)

Match your measurements to the largest garment measurement that matches yours to ensure a good fit.


How we Measure

Shoulder measurement across the top of the garment from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.
Sleeve Length from shoulder seam to cuff.
Measured across the front, from armpit to armpit.
Dresses & Jumpsuits: Measures 7-8 inches below the armpit then doubled. This is generally the thinnest part of your body.
*Pants & Skirts: Measured across the top .
Measured about 7-8 inches below the natural waist.
Dresses  & Tops -Measured down the back, from back collar to hem.
Skirts ,Pants-Measurement from natural waist to hem.