hey folks!

We realize it can be kind of tough to know what size to order when you're online shopping, so we thought we'd try to make it easier -  check out the photos of our staff and shop friends below to get a better idea of how things might fit!

we've included their measurements, as well as some notes on their body types (like if they have a longer/shorter torso, etc)

hope this helps & happy shopping :)


Bust: 34.5", 88cm
Waist: 27.5", 70cm
Hips: 39", 99cm
Height: 5'8", 173cm
Body notes: Long legs
Usually wears size XS or S
Click HERE for more on Abbey


Bust-46.5 in. 114 cm
   Waist-42.5in  107 cm 
Hips-48 in  122cm
Height 5'8 
Usually wears xxl or 14/16
Click HERE for more on Alexa


Bust: 34", 86cm
Waist: 28", 71cm
Hips: 35", 88cm
Height: 5'5.5", 166cm
Usually wears a size S
Click HERE for more on Carly


Bust: 39", 99cm
Waist: 35", 87cm
Hips: 46.5", 118cm
Height: 5'10", 180cm
Body notes: Long torso, long arms, larger thighs/bum
Usually wears size L
Click HERE for more on Megan


Bust: 38", 96.5cm
Waist: 29", 74cm
Hips: 38", 97cm
Height: 5'2", 157cm
Usually wears a size S or M
Body notes: Short torso, larger thighs/bum
Click HERE for more on Rosie