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Staff & Friends Size Reference

hey folks!

We realize it can be kind of tough to know what size to order when you're online shopping, so we thought we'd try to make it easier -  check out the photos of our staff and shop friends below to get a better idea of how things might fit!

we've included their measurements, as well as some notes on their body types (like if they have a longer/shorter torso, etc)

hope this helps & happy shopping :)


Bust: 34.5", 88cm
Waist: 27.5", 70cm
Hips: 39", 99cm
Height: 5'8", 173cm
Body notes: Long legs
Usually wears size XS or S
Click HERE for more on Abbey


Bust-46.5 in. 114 cm
   Waist-42.5in  107 cm 
Hips-48 in  122cm
Height 5'8 
Usually wears xxl or 14/16
Click HERE for more on Alexa


Bust: 34", 86cm
Waist: 28", 71cm
Hips: 35", 88cm
Height: 5'5.5", 166cm
Usually wears a size S
Click HERE for more on Carly


Bust: 39", 99cm
Waist: 35", 87cm
Hips: 46.5", 118cm
Height: 5'10", 180cm
Body notes: Long torso, long arms, larger thighs/bum
Usually wears size L
Click HERE for more on Megan


Bust: 38", 96.5cm
Waist: 29", 74cm
Hips: 38", 97cm
Height: 5'2", 157cm
Usually wears a size S or M
Body notes: Short torso, larger thighs/bum
Click HERE for more on Rosie